What antifreeze I should be running in my New Holland TC30?

new holland tc30 antifreeze Problems

What is the brand / type of antifreeze that should I use in my New Holland TC30?

It is more important to use an antiquevitation additive to worry about color. I researched a lot and ended up saying that the advantages of gold and orange antifreeze are minimal, if they exist. It is mainly a marketing scheme.

Fleetguard is Compleat that already contains anti-revising chemicals. It comes in Formulas eg and PG (ethylene glycol and propylene glycol), so you can choose. It also comes in prediluished and mixable. I used the EG and mixable type (50/50 with distilled water) because it is what I could find.

Cavitation is produced in modern diesel engines of high compression. When a cylinder triggers it creates a shock wave that travels through the walls of the cylinder and in the antifreeze. When the shock wave hits the antifreeze causes small bubbles that then disappear. This occurs on the outside of the metallic walls of the cylinder in the antifreeze. The problem is that the bubbles that are formed and disappeared are abrasive for the metal and corrode it slowly. If this continues, it can cause the walls of the cylinders to become porous and the antifreeze is filtered in the cylinders through the walls.

Other modern diesel manufacturers who are not wet-sleeved recommend an anti-revocation additive. It is debatable if the engine size of our tractors has the problem of cavitation or not. Generally, the bigger the engine is, the greater the problem.

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