I poured gas into the New Holland TC30 tank

i poured gas into the new holland tc30 tank Problems

I have a New Holland TC30 tractor. I was low on fuel when I went to fill it up. By mistake (what a fool I am!), I put about a quart of fuel in the tank when I realized it was gasoline and not diesel. I thought it wasn’t much, so I left it in the tank and filled the tank with 5 gallons of diesel. I didn’t try to siphon the tank because I suspected it might somehow damage the fuel gauge float (if it has one?). If I let it sit for a while, it starts up but runs at lower rpm than expected. It works for a while and then shuts down. How can I drain the fuel and get the tractor working again? Do I have to clean the fuel filter, bleed the fuel system, and bleed the lines from the injectors? If so, how?

Empty the tank, replace the fuel filter and bleed the fuel to the injection pump. The fuel will drain into the fuel filter, it will take a while due to the size of the line, with the clean fuel to the injection pump. it should work. If not, loosen the lines on the injectors and the crank engine until you think you are getting new diesel fuel, tighten the lines and the drive unit. The filter has a bleeder on top and the injection pump has a # 25 bleed screw.

Purge the filter, then purge the pump. Then the injectors if it doesn’t work.

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