New Holland TC30 a safety switch may be frozen

new holland tc30 a safety switch may be frozen Problems

I have a new holland tc 30 that I bought new about 5 years ago. You have 230 hours. I have used it this morning to remove snow without problems. I went to use the tractor a few hours later and it won’t start. It seems that the safety switch is frozen. How can I check if it is a safety switch?

Make sure the PTO is off. Move the hydraulic pedal back and forth while holding the key in the start position. Check all the fuses, some of them may blow a fuse due to an unknown wiring fault that was never pursued.

You can then override each switch individually, CAUTION as this may allow the tractor to start running, make sure you are in neutral and clear.

As a last resort, you can take a juper wire from the positive terminal of the battery, and connect it to the small terminal of the starter motor. If it starts it has to be on the switches somewhere not the starter or the battery. You will need to make a jumper wire to bridge the switches. I think one of them will malfunction. Most likely the seat or the clutch.

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