New Holland TC30 dies when put in gear

new holland tc30 dies when put in gear Problems

The New Holland TC30 tractor starts. When shifting the gear and releasing the clutch, the engine stops.Rear wheel drive. Not 4×4. Cranks good. Move the shift lever and it will stop clutch will stop. Not all the time. Any suggestion is appreciated.

On newer lawn tractors there is a safety switch on the seat. When in motion, the seat presence switch must be activated to keep the tractor running when the clutch is released. Check the switch wiring connector. The seat requires a minimum weight so that the child is protected.

There are two additional safety switches. One is in the transmission range and the other in the rear PTO safety. Electrical switch, part # SBA385200731

We assume the problem is electrical but check that the problem is not mechanical.If the gearbox is locked, of course the engine would stall when the clutch was released.

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