New Holland TC30

New Holland TC30

New Holland TC30 is a compact 2- or 4-wheel-drive TC series utility tractor, perfectly sized for growing plots and tending a few acres. This tractor was manufactured by New Holland from 2001 to 2008. New Holland TC30 is equipped with a 1.5 L (91.3 cu-in) three-cylinder diesel engine and one of two transmissions: a gear-type transmission with 9 forward and 3 reverse gears or a hydrostatic transmission with infinite forward and reverse gears.

New Holland TC30 compact utility tractor uses the Shibaura N843 engine. This is a 1.5 L, 1,496 cm 2 (91.3 cu-in) naturally aspirated three-cylinder diesel engine with 84.0 mm (3.31 in) cylinder bore and 90.0 mm ( 3.54 in) of piston stroke. This engine produces 30.5 PS (22.4 kW; 30.0 HP) at 2,600 rpm of power output.

New Holland TC30 is equipped with power steering, wet disc brakes, two-post folding ROPS, and a 27.0 liter (7.1 US gallon, 5.9 Imp. Gallon) fuel tank. This compact utility tractor can be equipped with the New Holland 7308 loader.

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In terms of dimensions and weight, this model weighs 2,193 pounds or 994 kg, is 54.3 inches [137 cm] wide, 109 inches [276 cm] long, and 82.4 inches [209 cm] high. maintaining a 63 inch [160 cm] wheelbase. This tractor can fit rear ag tires or rear grass tires.

New Holland TC30 is designed with the features and options to suit your exact needs. Your TC30 will give you years of trouble-free, reliable performance. The robust 3-cylinder diesel engine uses a cast iron block and heavy-duty internal components to produce reliable power and excellent fuel efficiency. The engine responds instantly to drag you through difficult conditions. And when you need extra traction, simply engage the mechanical differential lock with a pedal and both wheels lock together to get through slippery conditions.

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New Holland TC30 tractors give you just the right speed to get the job done efficiently. The smooth-shifting 9×3 mechanical transmission offers higher speeds than 8×2 transmissions on competitive tractors. Select the low, medium or high range and then switch within the range.

For infinitely variable speed, choose the comfort of the 3-range hydrostatic transmission. It is ideal for mowing applications (medium PTO is standard equipment on hydrostatic models, a feature not even available on some inexpensive competitive tractors). The hydrostatic transmission is operated with a single pedal, making it easy to do jobs like mowing, loading or blowing snow.

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New Holland TC30 high-capacity hydraulics, providing 6.1 gpm and a 1635-pound three-point hitch lift capacity, lets you handle a wide variety of attachments, including the heaviest cultivators, to get the most out of your working time. The generous 6.1 gpm hydraulic flow also provides fast cycle times and plenty of flow to operate a hydraulically powered loader, blade or other implement. A separate 3.5 gpm steering pump makes steering response a given, regardless of the other hydraulic demands placed on the TC30. A live power take-off is standard equipment on all New Holland TC30 units, except for 2WD units equipped with a mechanical transmission, which use a transmission-type power take-off.

Refueling and routine maintenance of your New Holland TC30 tractor are quick and easy. There is no need to raise the hood or remove the side panels to refuel or check the engine oil. When needed, the hood tilts up and out for easy access to the engine, radiator and battery, even when a front loader or other implement is installed.

New Holland TC30 is the perfect work partner for dozens of implements, including rear cultivators and rotary cutters. At the front, you can attach a heavy duty loader, snow blower, or blade.

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Many New Holland TC30 tractor implements available for the right price:

  1. Front-end Loader
  2. Rotary Tiller
  3. Front blades
  4. Front-Mount Snow Blower
  5. Backhoe
  6. Posthole Digger
  7. Flail Mower
  8. Rear Scoop
  9. Mid-Mount Mower
  10. Rear Finishing Mower
  11. Rear Rotary Cutter
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New Holland TC30 Reviews

I love everything about this New Holland. I bought a NorTrac two months before the New Holland and it broke every time I used it. I was so angry after the 4 wheel drive broke down that I went to the New Holland dealer and changed it that day. I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision. Aside from breaking the hydraulic filter with a stump in the forest, it has never let me down!

It has resisted unintentional abuse on my part. I have front loader, pallet forks, rear finish mower, cultivator, plow and box scraper. I have used it to clear forests, make trails, a garden, keep the field mowed for the last 10 years. For its size, it has worked very well.

After using your tractor for the last decade, you couldn’t be more satisfied … It has performed well, and has lived up to the manufacturer’s claims. It has been very reliable, without breakdowns. Although I just replaced 2 small hydraulic lines that control the hub. one line skipped a leak, and I decided to change the other so they were the same line. I bought it new with industrial tires that have worked well. I bought it with a front loader, and a brush bull. I would recommend this tractor to anyone looking for a subcompact tractor.

It is my first owned tractor, I have experience driving others (mainly JD’s) but that was a long time ago. The New Holland TC30 is a perfectly sized tool for my uses. I own just over 3 acres in Arizona and as I get older I have found the use of a tractor to be a blessing. He seems to have a lot of power to cope with the tasks I have for him. Mainly ground leveling and handling drainage problems after monsoon rains, moving dirt and rock and stone, pulling out the smallest dead trees, just any task one can think of. The tractor was purchased used within a few hours, about 485. These appear to be actual hours as wear on the tractor would indicate. However, the previous owner appears to have deferred maintenance and general care. There were minor functional items that required attention, for example the upper link and leveling arm turnbuckles required either new arms or removal of the arms due to corrosion, and / or readjustment of the tensioner itself. The general greasing and fluid / filter changes and general care that a responsible owner would give you. I have spent about 10 hours on it and its performance is quite acceptable. For a small tractor it has a lot of power and is quite maneuverable. It has a FEL and a Gannon box, which in my area are the main accessories. As needed I will purchase more and it seems the tractor can handle them all. It would have been nice to have at least one set of controls on the hydraulics. However, research has indicated that adding a game may not be that difficult. Overall a good tractor for the use of small landowners. The only real downside is that New Holland believes its replacement parts are made from unobtanium. At least, that’s the price they have. Many pieces can be replaced off the shelf with ingenuity and research. However, many cannot and you are at their mercy. That it seems they do not possess.

I bought the TC30 used a couple of months ago. So far it has been great. It’s a 2004 with 350 hours and no rust. It was kept in a barn by the previous owner I bought it from. I also have it stored in the barn. The tractor has been great. The only downside is that the lift arms rub against the tires with and without attachments. I put a lanyard around the lift arms, but haven’t figured out what to do when the Bush Hog is attached.

I bought my TC30 w / excavator for my own Moto track and to plow the snow. When I moved to NY, I started a home improvement business. Since then I have hammered this nonsense thing. I have had a couple of problems. 1- axle housing rotates 2- hub tilt falters 3- side plate support broken for hub. To be fair, the downward tilt issue us the only one that is not my fault.

Very reliable and still has the original battery. A major flaw of the machine is the lack of skid plates underneath. I have loaded the hydraulic filter housing twice and the power steering hoses once because of the sticks that have been hung underneath. If you don’t mess around with sticks and logs, it’s no big deal. Great fuel economy. Pull a box knife well. I am going to buy a bigger machine because I just need more load capacity. The machine holds its value well.

I didn’t know how to drive this tractor at all when my husband died. I’ve learned everything by doing, and often doing it wrong a few times before getting it right. It is a robust, powerful and hard-working tractor. I use it with a front loader for all sorts of things, and it hasn’t let me down. I even maintain it myself, using the very clear instructions in the owner’s manual.

It is my first compact tractor and I am very happy with it so far. I have a band sawmill and was looking for a bigger tractor, but I found this unit at a very good deal that I couldn’t pass up. So far it has worked well leveling my driveway, mowing the patio, removing stumps, hauling brush, and moving logs and boards.

I love my little TC30. It has been a great tractor and its performance has been fabulous. I bought it with the front loader, sand harrow, box cutter, hole digger, field mower and recently bought a rear cutter. My only regret is that I did not purchase the rear hoe attachment at the time. We have a little horse farm and this little guy is more than up to the task. My neighbors have 5 acres too and are often amazed at what this thing can do.

I bought this tractor primarily for snow removal, but it has also worked great for digging and grading work for construction projects. I am satisfied with its performance so far. A couple of dislikes: I have the hydraulic static transmission and there is no cruise control. This should be standard equipment with the hydro. Also, I have a separate braking control, but with hydro, you’d have to have another right leg to actually use it! Whoever designed this wasn’t thinking straight that day. The only problem I’ve had is (I think anyway) the neutral safety switch not allowing it to start in gear seems to be malfunctioning from time to time. Occasionally it will not start unless you move the gear selector a little until it starts. I’ll probably use it to record it as time goes on. He has done everything I have asked him to do so far.

I bought a foreclosed home on 20 acres and decided to do some logging and clearing in the forest. It was close to crashing, so I went to rent a tractor for a day. I could see that that was going to happen again and didn’t want to keep renting so we bought an NH TC30 on Ebay. It’s a 2007 hydrostatic 4×4, and it had 139 hours of use. It came with an NH 7308 FEL and did a good job of hauling logs to the road. Later we bought a used brush cutter and rake, and for the winter we fitted a 63 “NH 716D front snow blower. The tractor seems to be a bit underpowered for a 63” blower as I have to slow down if there is a significant amount of snow, but the biggest problem is the R4 tires on the tractor. They are very poor for snow and ice. Traction is marginal, and the front steering is very poor. I am currently looking for a chain set. The local dealer has been very helpful. I bought the used snow blower there.

In 2006, when my old Allis-Chalmers, Model C, (see Allis-Chalmers, Model C review), had an inexplicable engine jam, I needed a replacement tractor to maintain my 10 acres. I opted for the New Holland, TC30, 4 wheel drive with hydrostatic transmission. As my next tasks included installing an irrigation system, digging a pond, filling a driveway, digging a house foundation, and of course endless weed control, I chose a tractor with a loader, a backhoe, a 3-point hitch and a 540 rpm rear PTO. Although I could have gotten away with a smaller 20hp tractor, I chose the 30hp because my property has a 9 meter high hill with a slope of up to 20% that I have to keep mowed. I have a number of 3 point tools. In addition to my 4 foot rotary mower that I use regularly: a spring tooth cultivator, a rear dozer blade, a box scraper, a post digger, and a sickle bar mower. I also have a couple of tow tools, a tow harrow, and an 8 foot disc. All the functions of the tractor have worked well. I have not had any mechanical problems with the tractor.

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