Replaced the clutch case on the New Holland TC30, but it stalls

replaced the clutch case on the new holland tc30 but it stalls Problems

I have a New Holland TC30 that just had the clutch housing replaced that broke in half. Everything went well but my problem is that it stalls when I go up a hill. It starts perfectly and is ideal but when I drive it it stalls when climbing a hill or when I try to move and pile up dirt.

When I step on the clutch to start it and put it in gear it still works. The tractor is HST. I have changed the fuel filter.

This is a gravity flow fuel system. I think you have a restriction in the fuel system. You are getting enough fuel to run, but not enough for the horsepower required when put under any load. Check the fuel line and shutoff valve for debris before the fuel filter element.

The only other thing that could affect, would be the fuel shutoff solenoid, mounted to the left of the injector pump body, has to move all the way back, or the throttle cannot be fully opened. Try to slide the solenoid back or, remove it and cover the hole with masking tape to test. You will have to slide the solenoid back into place to turn off the engine.

The hydraulic system may not work because the lines were not connected.

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