New Holland TC30 PTO Clutch Problem

new holland tc30 pto clutch problem Problems

New Holland TC30 the propeller shaft stopped working. I was digging a small trench and the backhoe stopped working. After some trouble I found that the problem was not with the backhoe, but with the PTO. The lever used to engage the PTO appears to be working normally. It appears to engage and disengage normally, but the PTO shaft does not rotate normally. At first it seemed to rotate, but it was not loaded. Any load placed on the backhoe stopped the PTO shaft from rotating. I’m very familiar with how the tractor works and I don’t think I’m just doing something wrong. Does the PTO shaft have any kind of clutch that could be slipping? Any idea what can be wrong?

The TC 30 uses a one-way clutch in the PTO area. It is a bearing, which is supposed to lock the shaft so that the PTO rotates and is released when the PTO shaft is rotated in the opposite direction, such as when the bush tries to push the tractor. If this bearing (one-way clutch) breaks down, the power take-off will not pull the load. It is accessed through the rear PTO cover and the three-point cover must be removed.

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  1. John Holland

    I have a different problem with my TC30 PTO clutch. It does not disengage the PTO when the clutch pedal is fully depressed. The PTO lever works but grinds when you try to engage it at idle speed because the pedal is not working. The main drive clutch is working fine.