New Holland TC30 safety controller bypass

new holland tc30 safety controller bypass Problems

Yesterday I started my TC30 or at least I tried. I bought it new and it is two months old.

It started well at first and then I let it warm up for a couple of minutes. Tried to start but couldn’t move because I forgot to remove the wooden block from the clutch so I had to get down to remove the block. Also, I forgot to make sure the stars were perfectly aligned before getting out of the seat, i.e., brake on, in neutral, etc. The security gadgets took care of shutting down the engine.

After removing the block I tried to restart the tractor and it was not responding (not starting). I checked everything that could prevent the boot. I tried everything I could think of, including the fuses.

The tractor did not want to start.

Four hours later it started. I had left it in neutral, with the parking brake on, without the block of wood.

Any idea why this may have happened? It was about 26 degrees that day, do safety switches have a habit of freezing?

The problem with the switches is that they are the ball-in-socket type. They always have some hydraulic fluid behind the ball and that tends to create a vacuum that keeps the ball in the closed position. Especially when it’s less than 35 degrees. You can remove the switch and clean the hydraulic fluid with a little solvent and that will help for a while. Once it starts up and the hydraulic fluid warms up the problem will go away. If you put it in neutral and wait a couple of minutes you should be fine (3-5 minutes). This gives the spring time behind the ball to overcome the vacuum.

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  1. Scott Cairncross

    I bypassed all the critical switches and tractor still would not start. I put 12 power from the fuse box 10 amp fuse for lights to the engine stop solenoid (disconnected yellow black 1/4″ in spade connector). Then I unplugged the safety start relay (below safety controller module) I made a 1/4″ male spade connector jumper and installed the jumper across the white and the black red. Then you can unplug the safety controller ( to get rid of the beeping) . I plan to get a new safety controller soon but my tractor was blocking a trail. I had the issue where the tractor would start and run for an hour or so then it would just die… Then a while later it would re start and then it would just die again…