2017 USA Triathlon Junior Elite Series Guide

The USAT youth elite and junior draft legal triathlon season is fast approaching. Please find important details about the Series within the document posted below.

Of particular note is a change to the equipment expectations in Junior Series (this does not cover international races such as the CAMTRI Sarasota Junior North American Championships, CAMTRI Richmond American Cup, CAMTRI Des Moines American Cup, ITU Junior World Championships, or other international races.

At USAT Youth Elite and Junior Elite Cup races (Sarasota Youth Elite, Richmond Cup, Pleasant Prairie Cup, Monroe Cup, and the Des Moines/Flatland Cup officials will enforce ITU Competition Rules 5.2(d)(vii) (for age group draft legal athletes), which require race wheels, and those placed in the wheel pit, to have at minimum at least 12 spokes and no disc wheels. There will be no check of wheels to the UCI Wheel List.

Also note disc brakes are not allowed.

Please read this entire document closely!

>2017 USA Triathlon Junior Series Guide

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