2016 Clermont Draft Legal Challenge USAT F1 and EDR Athlete Equipment and Rules Checklist

Please review the equipment and competition rules for the 2016 Clermont Draft Legal Challenge USA Triathlon F1 and EDR events. These documents contain important information about the rules and equipment for the events and should be reviewed prior to arriving in Clermont, FL.

All athletes must attend their respective, mandatory pre-race meeting. Please review the race web site for the location and date/time. Athletes who do not attend the meeting without advance approval to craig.hanken@usatriathlon.org (or text 5154221846).

>>Download the F1 Draft Legal information

>>Download the EDR Draft Legal information

>>Download the Age Group Draft Legal information

>>Approved Non-Standard Wheel List

>>Download EDR Athlete Meeting Presentation

Questions about the USAT draft legal rules should be directed to Craig.Hanken@usatriathon.org.