2015 Age Group Draft Legal Duathlon / Triathlon (Clermont)

Please review the following rules and equipment document prior to competing in the upcoming age group draft legal rules and equipment standards.

>>Download Athlete Checklist and Rules Guide (Duathlon)

>>Download Athlete Checklist and Rules Guide (Triathlon)

Please email questions to craig.hanken@usatriathlon.org.


The rules outlined in the Guides above highlight important rules for the Age Group draft legal events to be hosted in Clermont, Florida. A full listing of rules of competition and equipment are located at www.triathlon.org.


QUESTION: My uniform has my team name on it and the team’s sponsor logos. Will this be okay?
ANSWER: For the Clermont qualification events Officials will only check to make sure the uniform covers the torso and if a front zipper is present that it is zipped up. They will not be checking logos, family name, etc. For the 2016 Worlds events, exact suit rules will be followed per the ITU Rules of Competition for age group athletes.


QUESTION: I have a cool mat that I put under my bike to stand on during Transition that I got from another race. Can I use it in Clermont?

ANSWER: Mats, towels, carpeting, etc. will not be allowed on the ground under any athlete’s bike in Transition. If found, they will be removed by Officials.

Wet Suits:

QUESTION: Can we wear wetsuits during the swim in the draft legal triathlon event?

ANSWER: If the water temperature is 71.6 F or less you may wear a wet suit during the swim portion of the triathlon. If the water temperature is above 71.6 F you may wear a skin suit – BUT – the skin suit must be worn throughout the entire event (including during the bike and run). An official water temperature will be announced race morning.


QUESTION: What type of wheels may I use during competition in the Age Group draft legal events?
ANSWER: The specific wheel characteristics can be found on page 4 of the Athlete Checklist and Rules Guide posted above. Specifically, wheels must have at least 12 spokes and may not be disc wheels. Additionally, wheels must be of the same circumference – meaning both wheels must be either 650cm or 700cm.  (Example: Athletes may have a Zipp 404 on the back wheel and a Hed Jet 6 on the front wheel.)


QUESTION: My aerobars do not extend beyond the brake levers per ITU elite competition rules. Will they be allowed in the Age Group draft legal events?
ANSWER: Aerobars of any type or length will not be allowed during competition in the Age Group draft legal events in Clermont.

Bike Frame:

QUESTION: Can I use my TT bike during competition in the Age Group draft legal events?
ANSWER: Generally, the frame of the bike shall be of a traditional pattern, i.e., built around a closed frame of straight or tapered tubular elements, (which may be round, oval, flattened, teardrop shaped or otherwise in cross-section). Non-traditional or unusual bikes or equipment will not be permitted during competition unless prior approval has been granted from the Lead Race Official (Please contact craig.hanken@usatriathlon). Exact bike measurements may be found in ITU Competition Rule for age group draft legal events 5.2 B (ii) located on page 27-28 of the 2015 ITU Competition Rules.

Under no circumstances will TT bike “bull horn” style handle bars or aerobars will be permitted. Only drop style handle bars with proper bar end plugs be allowed during competition.


QUESTION: I have a TT aero helmet I use during my non-draft legal triathlon events. Will this be allowed during the events in Clermont?
ANSWER: The bigger concern with helmets is whether the helmet is unaltered and undamaged, and clearly labeled by the manufacturer with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPCS) sticker. A helmet will not be allowed for use during competition without the original sticker in place.

Now, related to aero helmets: Page 4 of the Guides listed above state: All participants shall wear a protective head cover, undamaged and unaltered, which meets or exceeds the safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and which is clearly labeled by the manufacturer as satisfying such standards, may be used in USAT sanctioned events. “Aero” helmets are not allowed. If you have a question about your helmet please emailed craig.hanken@usatriathlon.org.

QUESTION: Will I be penalized for removing my bike from Transition during competition with my helmet unbuckled or not on?
ANSWER: Athletes must have their helmet in place and the chin strap buckled when touching their bike. The penalty for this is “Stop and Go” – meaning an Official will ask the athlete to buckle the chin strap or place the helmet on their head if they observe someone without a helmet or the chin strap unfastened. If the athlete does not abide by the Official’s request, the athlete will be disqualified.


QUESTION: Where can I find the list of athletes competing in Clermont?
ANSWER: The official start list is available at the race web site. >>View list here.

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